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Our mission

our mission orrojo

Orrojo. We grow together.

My story

I always loved nature, but especially trees. I felt as if I was connected to them, and I cried when trees were cut, or an injustice was done to the animals or nature. Nature spoke to me in a different way, one I cannot explain I somehow see it as my younger sister who needs protection. I always wanted to do more but I was afraid, I thought my voice didn’t matter and nobody would care. That is why, I am choosing to change the story and to give a voice to the voiceless, one that I hope will resonate with you and will bring us together, united, in our cause, for a better tomorrow.

Our mission

Is to bring close-to-heart products to environment and nature lovers with the aim of sending a powerful message. We want to heal the nature and protect the environment.

Our vision

Is to connect nature lovers together for creating a cleaner environment, in the long term. We want to teach people how they can help and to grow a community of nature lovers and doers.

Right now our efforts are directed towards planting trees. We are working with Eden Reforestation Projects on this mission.

Every item sold plants 10 trees. 

With your help, we are able to plant trees in the most affected areas of the globe.

Together we make a difference.

Why trees? 

Trees are the source of life, they help us breath, some give us food, they protect us from natural disasters. They give us shadow in summer and a cooler climate. The forest is home to amazing animals and unbelievable scenery, bringing us peace and serenity.


Give us clean air, clean waters and food


Absorb carbon (CO2) from the atmosphere


Help fight climate change


Protect biodiversity


Prevent soil erosion and flooding


Protect from natural disasters


Help cool down and regulate the climate


Provide healthier and more cost efficient environment

Our collection is made from nature, giving to nature.

Shop organic cotton

Organic cotton ensures fair work, no use of chemicals and non-GMO cotton seeds

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Deforestation facts

Wild primary forests used to cover 31% of the world (15-16 million km²) but they are disappearing at an alarming rate.

Primary or virgin forests were formed naturally over thousands of years. They are unique ecosystems, irreplaceable habitats, home for a large number of species. 


65% trees have been felled since humans started cutting down forests.

Approximately 80.000 km² of forests are lost annually.

Approximately 1 football field of forest is being cut every second. Insane, right?


17% of the Amazon forest has been lost in the last 50 years.


50% of the world’s rain forests have been destroyed in just 100 years.


Farming, livestock, mining and drilling – account for more than half of all deforestation.


Cutting trees adds to CO₂ to the air and removes the ability to further absorb carbon dioxide.


If tropical deforestation were a country, it would rank third in CO₂ emissions after China and the US.

We have to do something about this!